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About Inter-burgo
Hotel Inter-Burgo Wonju is highly recognized and preferred by the most demanding and sophisticated travelers. The name of "Inter-Burgo" is originated from the Spanish language which stays for "Citizens living in a peaceful fortress". The company’s philosophy is to create a comfortable working atmosphere among our staff leading them to provide excellent service to our guests.
The Inter-Burgo Wonju is one of Ganwondo’s largest hotels, and conference centres, with enough space to hold any size of meetings or events, whether it’s a board meeting or smaller meetings from 20 persons up to conferences for over 1,000 delegates. Our hotel will take care of all different requests to make each event a very successful one. Inter-Burgo Wonju

  • 인터불고 대구
  • 인터불고 엑스코
  • 인터불고 원주
  • 마리나 호텔
  • 인터불고경산
  • 인터불고그룹
  • 그린나래
  • 냉장인터불고
  • 동영장학재단
  • 인터불고건설
  • 인터불고기획
  • ib스포츠
  • 인터불고유통